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...The rewards have been unbelievable

By Connie Hohertz, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Prior to being involved in E-Myth I was trying to do it all and wasn’t doing any one thing well. More than anything E-Myth Coaching has brought organization to my business. It has taught me how to delegate tasks and get my staff involved so we are all working towards a common goal. It has also freed my time up tremendously! I can spend the time I used to spend at my business with my family. The E-Myth Mastery Impact program is absolutely an investment. I choose carefully where I spend my funds and I can already see the impact E-Myth has had in returning profits to me in my business. When I started the program I was the only person selling products to my clients. Now I’ve got two other people licensed and selling for me and I’m interviewing for my third position. The rewards have been unbelievable as far as what it’s returned to me! When I first started the Mastery Impact program it came at a time where I felt like I couldn’t possibly do one more thing! I was lacking so much control in my business and my personal life that when they approached me I felt I had to give it a try. Now I look so forward to my coaching sessions – my coach is able to bring me right to the heart of the matter that I have going in my business at any given time.

Connie Hohertz
Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

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