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SEO from a Technician's Point of View

April 8, 2013

Last week we discussed the importance of starting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from an Entrepreneur’s point of view by creating a result statement.  This week we are skipping to the Technician's point of view.  At the end of the month we will cover the Manager's Point of View, but before you create your plan it's helpful to be familiar with some of the technical points.

As described in the E-Myth Revisited, the technician is the "doer" of work.  When dealing with SEO the technician's work is often making changes to websites or creating links back to your own website.  As a business owner, the goal is not to do this tactical work yourself or to be an expert in SEO, but it is important for you to have some technical knowledge.  By understanding at least a few basics of SEO, you have the ability to ask the right questions and to delegate the work.  The truth is many businesses are hurt by small SEO errors that are easy to fix.  The good news is that there are many options out there for learning the basics.  Here are two to get you started:

Google SEO Guide:  This guide is directly from Google, but many of the tips that you will learn from here will also positively impact other Search Engines.  The guide is easy to understand, its focus is on technical aspects of your website.   This particular guide is great if you are attempting to do the tactical work yourself, and it is also a great guide to asking the right questions if you outsource.

SEOMOZ SEO GUIDE:  This guide is a little more detailed and covers the technical aspects that are discussed in the Google guide as well as covering basics such as how SEO works and moves into the tools that you can use to baseline and learn more about your current SEO results. 

Remember the desired goal is not for you to turn into an SEO expert, but instead for you to have a base knowledge so that you can start asking the right questions and creating the plan.  By having a basic understanding of SEO and how you can influence your ranking with technical changes to your website you will be empowered to have a more productive conversation with the person that is currently creating and working on your website. And don't forget to stay tuned, because at the end of the month we will return to the Manager's point of view.

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