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...consistent production with less burden on me

By Phil Hinrichs, Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

...consistent production with less burden on me

The Optimal Outcome Program has given my business consistent production with less burden on me. I have more confidence in my management approach because there is more structure for me to delegate better. This difference has made my team more pro-active and enabled them to take ownership and solve problems without me. The Optimal Outcome program content is invaluable, There are so many tools and resources within the program that I use regularly. The one resource I would like to have more time with is my coach. She is a joy and a talented person who  knows my business and how to approach each situation. 

Optimal Outcome has touched every facet of my business and I am just getting started putting it into action. It has helped me maximize production and make the most out of my team. When I first started  I thought I was too busy, and I never had enough time. Now, I’m ecstatic that I started the program and am more focused on what my business needs. I am thinking differently about my business and so is my team. Now, we see my business as a separate entity. This helps all of us in making better decisions by taking ourselves out of the situation to decide what’s best for the business. The Optimal Outcome program and my coach have allowed me to build a great business while spending less of my time. I work “on” my business more, and less “in” my business. I have increased production and am more efficient.

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