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74 Years Ago...

September 30, 2014

We have been exploring the sale process the last few weeks.  This past week-end one of our coaches, while visiting Coca-Cola Days 2014, found this Sales Training Program from Coca-Cola that was produced in 1940. 

WOW is it amazing in its simplicity as the steps for being successful in a sales role are presented!  Using both text and pictures this guide provides the Coca-Cola sales force with the information needed to be a success...and 74 years later it remains chillingly accurate in detailing what is needed to provide both Coca-Cola's customer, the vendor,  and the end user, the ultimate Coca-Cola experience.

This week we challenge you to look at your own sales process and ask where it will be in 74 years?  Could someone pick it up and realistically be able to easily understand how your process worked?
PS:  Keep an eye out as we will be referencing information from this guide in posts to come so that you too can "Open Happiness."


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