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A Deeper Look Into What Systems Your Business Needs

April 19, 2023

At BBG, we’re fans of systems. It goes back to our roots as a licensed E-Myth coaching center starting in 1999. But we find that when many people think about systems they think about the technical, or “how-to” systems such as, how to do a quote, how to enter information into your database, or how to handle collections. And don’t get us wrong, we love a good technical system, but it’s not the only systems that are needed.

When we talk systems with clients, the technical how-to versions are where we normally start. These free the business owner up, create better results, and improvements are often fast and consistent. But systems don’t stop with the technical versions. Those are just the beginning. Next, it’s time to start thinking about the systems that are needed to train your team above and beyond where they are.

The next level of systems are more soft skills or management systems. What makes these systems work is that they are designed to change mindsets. When you change how someone thinks about a situation, you change the way they work. And that’s where the real results come into play. A few of the systems we’ve created to help our clients include:

  • Take the H.E.A.T. – a system for handling difficult clients.
  • Crisis Coaching – a problem-solving system that can be used for any crisis.
  • Business Idea Evaluation – a system for deciding if a business idea is one to pursue.
  • Handling Employee Issues – a management system for working with an employee that isn’t performing well. 
  • Refocus Systems – designed to help team members who feel overwhelmed re-prioritize their work, delegate as needed, ask for help and refocus their task lists.

To develop these systems, start by identifying the soft skills that each role needs. And as you look at that list, look for opportunities to create additional systems. What tools or processes would help them deliver that soft skill with more consistency? What flawed ways of thinking do you see? What productive ways of thinking do you want all your team members to have?

For many business owners, the concept of teaching soft-skills and having soft skills systems seems unnecessary. We often hear that they plan to hire those skills. And for some positions it’s definitely needed. But for small business owners it can be difficult to find someone with all the skills already in place. So, they either need to be taught or “hopefully” will learn along the way. And learning along the way not only takes time, but also leaves room for mistakes and bad habits. 

Begin your listing of Soft Skills! An easy way to start is by listing the soft skills you appreciate about some of your team members. Here are a few examples as you get your list of Soft Skills started: Problem-Solving, Persuasion, Giving Feedback, Decision-making, Communication, Flexibility and Conflict Resolution.

We encourage you to take a larger look at the systems your business needs. And don’t be afraid to create systems that go beyond technical skills. This will elevate your team and bring immediate results to your business.

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