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Addressing The Elephant In The Room

November 30, 2021

Too often in business the elephant in the room is ignored. This tactic might work for a time, but eventually the elephant grows until it can no longer be ignored.

The “elephant” might be a conflict, an employee issue, an issue within the business, or 100 other “issues” that simply are ignored.

The reason for ignoring the elephant in the room is often not having the right mindset or framework to approach the issue at hand. Below are our top 5 Business Owner Insight articles to help your business address any elephants you may be experiencing:

This Insight helps your business establish a system for dealing with employee issues. It’s a great go to, especially when your business doesn’t have an established system in place or if you’re training new managers:

Employee Issues

We all get stuck in ruts, but if we get comfortable and “decorate” the ruts it’s difficult to get out of them. This Insight focuses on getting yourself or others out of those comfortable ruts that are holding back your business:

Decorating Ruts

This Insight establishes a framework which, when used, helps those within conflict approach the conversation with a mindset designed to establish a solid solution:

Conflict Resolution

This Insight is a great way to look at your business and see where your business is avoiding long-term solutions:

Where is Your Business Duct Taping Issues?

We all deal with headaches differently, but how your business deals with them may need to be re-designed. This Insight challenges the way your business approaches problems:

Does Your Business Have Headaches?

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