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Are You Distracted?

July 20, 2018

Typically, mid-summer is a time when business owners and employees alike are either getting back from, or beginning to get ready to go on, vacation.

People are talking about fishing, hiking, biking, road tripping, and sipping cool drinks on sandy beaches. Distractions tend to multiply, while focus and work efficiency can begin to slip.

Let’s face it, this time of year an air of casualness invades most businesses. The team has been hard at it for half the year and most everyone is ready for a break. Vacation mindset can add energy to a business environment, OR it can be the beginning of a slump that hits you hard in the fourth quarter.

You've worked hard this year and hopefully you're on plan to meet your goals, so you don't want to let the vacation mindset derail your progress. Follow these three simple steps to ensure that distractions don't prevent your business from hitting goals.

  • Stop - Regardless of how busy you are, personally or professionally, this is the time to stop and schedule time to examine how your business is doing.  Schedule time to work on your business. Give your business at least one hour of uninterrupted time to assess and prioritize.
  • Assess - During this time, assess how your business is progressing toward its goals.  If you’re behind start creating a plan to get back on track or revise your goals.  If you’re on plan, identify any upcoming barriers and remaining work. You may even create stretch goals.  Use this time to create to-do’s for the remaining part of the year.
  • Prioritize - At the end of your time, prioritize your list and delegate what you can.  Don’t walk away from this time unless you have a clear action plan for implementation. Focus on no more than three items on the list for your own personal commitments.  Once you’ve check those off pick the next one.
This is a simple exercise, but Stop, Assess, and Prioritize are three small steps that can help bring energy and focus back into your business now and anytime you or your team get off track and need to refocus.  

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