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Branding Done Right: #2 The Delivery Process

April 15, 2014

Another reason it didn't take long for the social media sites to figure out who was delivering the pizza on Oscar night was the distinct look of their pizza boxes. Every time the camera went in for a close up of someone grabbing a slice there was the company's branding strategy. The boxes were recognizable to the people in the area and it didn't take long for the online buzz to start.


Depending on the type of your business, you may not have a tangible product to deliver. That doesn't mean you get to skip this step in branding. In fact, it makes it more important to have a branding strategy for when your product or service is delivered. At the very least, you want your clients to remember who they are working with and if it's acceptable you want to make sure that others know.

  • If your business delivers tangible products - take a look at the packaging. Does it stand out in a crowd? Does it carry your branding message? Is it easy to differentiate from your competitors?
  • If your business delivers intangible products or services - is there any way to make it more tangible? If you sell insurance, you might create a nice folder or organizing system to deliver to the client. If your business is a roofing company, you can leave the normal sign in the yard, but stretch the norm and look for other ways to brand. This might include having an employee stop by the neighbor's house to introduce the business, explain you'll be working in the area, and ask them to call if there are any concerns that neighbors might usually have (mess, trucks blocking their driveways, etc.).
  • Overall remember that branding isn't just about "a look". It's also about what your employees say and how they act.

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