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Branding Done Right: #3 Online Presence

April 22, 2014

A quick look through Big Mama's Pizza's website and social sites such as Facebook and Instagram shows that they understand the importance of their online presence matching their brand.  They have a great mix of their products, which we admit, look delicious, but they also make sure that their brand is shown.  It's not enough to have an online presence; you must have an online presence that makes it very clear who you are and what you do.



It would be very easy to have a pizza place that had an online presence and not be able to easily establish it from the competition.   That's not the case with Big Mama's and they achieve this in very basic ways.


  • Logo Placement - In the pictures they post, they feature their food but in many of the shots they also make sure that the food is shown with their logo.   It seems obvious to include your logo, but it is often overlooked. In one glance you know not only what they do, but who they are.  A great example of this can be seen here, but fair warning it just might make you hungry.  Also you may want to check with suppliers/vendors to see about promotional considerations they may have for co-branding.
  • Fan Placement - Their online presence isn't one dimensional or just about product placement.  They are sure to include pictures of their fans enjoying their products.  This includes their famous fans from the Oscar's as well as their everyday fans.
  • They Act Fast and Don't Get Stuck - Once the Oscar's were over, Big Mama's acted fast to get pictures of the stars eating their slices on their website and social media pages.  They updated their cover picture on Facebook to include those images.  They even created a special package featuring Oscar apparel for their fans to purchase.  Yet if you go to their website or Facebook now, you see only a trace of their Oscar moment.  They used it for publicity while still hot, but quickly moved back to their regular scheduled branding before it got to stale. 

No matter what industry your business is in, you should be thinking about your online presence.  Does it match your brand?  Can a potential customer easily and quickly tell who you are and what you do?  Is it easy to establish your business from the competition?

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