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Branding Done Right: Intention Matters

April 29, 2014

Every business has a brand or going back to our quote and question for this month a personality.  For many small businesses that brand is not intentionally crafted.  It's left to happenstance, and as a result many small businesses are not ready for their Oscar moment or even for the next lead that somehow comes into contact with their business. 


This month we've covered a few branding basics:  Uniform, Delivery Process, and Online Presence, but the last remaining piece is intention.  We know that as a small business owner you are busy.  You're filling multiple roles on your organizational chart.  You're balancing long hours and frustrations while trying to carve out your personal life.   It's easy to ignore the importance of building a brand, because it's not the squeaky wheel.


The impact of not having a brand isn't as loud as some of the other strategic work that needs to be done in your business, but that doesn't mean it's less of a priority.  Take Apple for example, they weren't the first ones to release a smartphone, or a tablet, or a music player, but they were the ones that built a billion dollar brand. 


This week we challenge you to think about the ongoing status of your brand.  What meetings, systems, and reminders do you have to put in place to make sure your business is intentional about building your brand?

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