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October 22, 2013

Last week you read about the Hot List and planning to fail. What did you do with those concepts?  

  • Have you formulated a Hot List?
  • Are you still planning to fail by failing to plan?
  • Have you planned how to contact the list but just haven't had the time?

Whatever your response may have been, it won't change the fact that now is the time to take action. Make one call from your Hot List. Just one. We dare you.

  • We dare you to use the resources at your disposal.  
  • We dare you to be proactive.
  • We dare you to try something different.

 Your "Hot List" prospects are already not calling. What is the worst that could happen? The point is that you or your business loses nothing by making a phone call to the prospects on your "Hot List" but the upside of just one call is enormous. Not only do you open up the possibility of more sales but the business can begin to build momentum. Momentum leads to more calls and more calls leads to more sales. More sales lead to growth. Growth leads to more prospects and then the cycle starts all over again.


Soon you have the business performing at levels you may have previously thought unattainable.  It all begins with one call.  Make the call;  We double dog dare you.....


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