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May 25, 2015

This month we have been looking at what causes resistance to Change, and the beliefs, attitudes, and experiences that feed the fear of Change. Now that there is a better understanding of what gets in our way, it is time to embrace those elements and leverage them to become the Champion of Change that your business needs!


To be a Champion of Change you need to be aware of and embrace three key elements:

1. Change comes from you, not at you.

2. You need to dance with what you resist.

3. Think win/win.

  1.  Change comes from you, not at you - A Champion of Change is proactive in their activities and doesn't wait to react. You need to seek out the change that makes your business stronger and take the action necessary to ensure those changes take root. If you wait to react to what needs changed, you become a victim of change. By creating change in a proactive manner, it allows you to address necessary changes in a positive manner and embrace what is being changed.
  2. Dance with what you resist -You need to learn how to embrace changes and dance with them. Resistance saps your energy and can often cause conflict where conflict shouldn't exist. It takes much more energy to resist the change than it does to dance with it. Dancing with change opens you up to what could be and allows you to channel your energies into a positive direction, often times creating a leap forward for your business that otherwise would not have happened.
  3. Think win/win - An unproductive perspective on change can hold you back from realizing something that could greatly benefit your business. By adopting a win/win frame of mind, you are more apt to look for the positives in change and seek out solutions that will ensure success in implementing a given change. This is a powerful way to look at the pros and cons of a given change and persist in analyzing the cons to work toward minimizing or eliminating their effect.

Change is not bad but it is inevitable. Champions of Change embrace the inevitable and use it to their advantage by creating dynamic, flexible organizations. These organizations and their Champions are advocates of change and never the victims. They look for the win/win situations and can dance with anything that comes their way. Talk with your business coach about becoming a Champion of Change today!



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