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Consistent Lead Generation

July 15, 2014

Quote: "When it comes to the Internet in general, it matters less which online community or tool you use, and more on your commitment." -Ron McDaniel,


Question: How is your lead generation engine designed to ensure that there is consistency built into your on-line presence and offerings?


Our Thoughts:   How much time does your business dedicate to the act of generating leads?   In many businesses, the answer is shockingly low.  Lead Generation is something that we all know MUST happen, but it's not something that is scheduled or planned.  To create a true lead generation process, your business needs to commit to spending the time necessary for implementation.   We challenge you this week to talk to your team about dedicating the time to go over the ideas we've shared this month and then schedule the time to implement a few that you like for your business. 


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