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Creating A High-Performing Team

June 29, 2021


Too often we see business owners struggle with the ability to coax the best out of their team. It takes time, skill, and structures to truly be able to lead.


Below are four Insights we’ve previously published that have helped our clients create a high-performing team.

This Insight focuses on how creating structure and training can help your team excel:

Do You Have A Training Issue?

Though this was written for the financial services industry, the idea of creating time for your team members to practice improves skills in any industry:

Make Time for Practice

We all get stuck, but how do you help your team members when they are stuck in a rut? This Insight focuses on personal ruts, but is a great resource for helping your team overcome their own ruts:

Decorating a Rut

All leaders need to be able to influence and control how they choose to show up to a situation. This Insight is a great reminder we can’t always change others, but we can always control how we show up:

Your Ability to Influence

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