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Creating an Accountability Structure

November 12, 2012

Now that the C.A.T. (Communication, Accountability partner, and Take action) is out of the bag  regarding the importance of accountability, how can you create a structure of accountability?  Ask and answer the following questions and you will on your way to creating an accountability structure that will help ensure you gain the results you desire.

Who – who can help with holding you accountable?  Staff – how can they be empowered to hold you accountable?  Who else may be asked, either directly involved or indirectly involved in your business, to be an accountability partner?

What – what is needed to help with accountability?  A few things may be considered.  A result statement that clearly defines what you intend to accomplish and in what time frame may be helpful.  Developing a Client Promise that states what you intend to provide your clients/customers every time they interact with you or your business is another tool that can help with accountability.

When – when will you dedicate the time to develop an Accountability Structure?  The time is now, ASAP; if you are serious about realizing the result you have defined there is no reason to not begin NOW to develop the structure needed to ensure accountability.

Where – where will you develop your Accountability Structure and where will the accountability be measured?  Some of our most successful clients have developed a separate place to work on this type of thing.  A dedicated place, on-site or off-site, can be a great strategy to help you with accountability and in reaching the result you will have defined.

Why – why have an Accountability Structure?  Simply put, when we know that someone else will be tracking our progress, or lack thereof, toward a defined goal, we are much more inclined to put in the effort to ensure we are moving toward the desired result.

How – how do you need to be held accountable?  Define how you are best held accountable and share that with your accountability partner(s).  Do not be surprised or angry when they do what you have asked them to do in the way you have asked them to do it. 

Creating an Accountability Structure will help you reach the goals you have for the next year and years to come.  Remember, an Accountability Structure should be in place to help you gain the results you desire.  It is about helping you get from “here” to the “there” you have defined.

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