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Decorating Your Rut Question

February 16, 2016

Quote: "I find that even small changes sometimes jog you out of a mental rut." - Tom Perrotta
Question:  What small changes can you make TODAY to take the first step out of your rut?
Our Thoughts: When most people decide to climb out of - or are forced out of - their ruts, there seems to be a tendency to want IMMEDIATE change.  However, if you want lasting change, be prepared to focus on the small action steps that need to be taken to ensure you don't slip back into the same rut in the future.  

As discussed last week, you have to first change the way you think about the situation that keeps you stuck in the rut in order to be free to focus on the small steps that will start the process of escaping your rut.  

This week we challenge you to examine the rut and create 2-3 small action steps that will help begin tobuild the steps to climb free of your rut.  Keep them small! Don't focus on fully escaping the rut just yet.  Simply focus on small steps that can be done this week,then assess your progress and select your next set of steps.

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