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DIY Training Videos

January 22, 2019

Many small business owners believe that training videos are out of their reach. We often hear that creating videos takes too long, is too complicated, or costs too much to produce.

And indeed, they can. But today our focus is on how to create quick, easy to create, and effective training videos. With today’s technology it’s extremely easy to create a DIY training video.

Down the road, your business might choose to work with a vendor or hire a position within your business to create more professional videos, but right now training videos can be used to:

  • Quickly document the knowledge/how to of any position. This is especially helpful if you have a time crunch such as an employee leaving on vacation or giving their resignation.
  • Demonstrate how to use software in your business. Tasks such as how to enter a bill in your accounting software, how to do a search in your database, or even how to organize your files are good examples of what can be done.
  • Capture how to deliver a presentation or quote to a client.  You can edit narrative to explain the process later or you can simply pause the video and discuss with the trainee as needed. This allows for a real-feel but doesn’t impose on the client.
  • Create onboarding systems for new employees.  

These are just a few reasons that you might consider creating training videos. Now, how to create the training videos? 

  • The easiest way is to use a screen sharing program such as FreeConferenceCall or Zoom. These free programs allow you to share what’s on your screen and will record both audio and video. The video can be of you, what’s on your screen, or both.
  • However long it takes you to complete the task is how long it’ll take you to create the video. We’ve had client’s complete videos in less than 5 minutes for small tasks.
  • If you want to demonstrate something - such as how to use a piece of equipment that isn’t on your computer screen - you can video tape it with your phone or camera. Then, play that video on your computer and use the screen share program (examples above) to describe the “how to” or logic that’s needed to make it a training program. This allows you to pause the video and discuss what just happened or even speed through something that doesn’t need as much attention.

These training videos are DIY. You might have some stumbles in wording. They might not look as glossy as a professional video, but they get the job done. 

Imagine taking the time to do a task you’re doing now just once and then having a training video to point your team back to when they have a question, when you need to delegate the task, or when you have someone new join your team. 

It’s easy and effective.  

Download a list of Quick Tips to Remember for training videos.

PS: Training videos can be used internally, but may also be appropriate to send to clients. Be thinking about how you might create videos that assist your clients as well.

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