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Does Your Frequency Need Adjusting?

November 19, 2013

This week we'd like you to set aside all of your doubts and concerns for just a moment and step into the dreaming room with us. Take a moment, stretch your imagination, and think about the customer contact strategy you'd put in place for your customers if time and money were not an issue.  


You probably have some great ideas, but why don't they get implemented?   Because time and money are realities that business owners are constantly balancing against each other. While we like to hear that anything is possible the truth is some things simply are not possible, right now.  

  • It may not be possible for your business to send out a newsletter to your clients every week.
  • It may not be possible for your business to spend money to send out birthday treats to every client you have.
  • It may not be possible for you to eat lunch with a prospect every day of the week.  

Sure. We'd all love to live in that world where it was possible, but at this moment in time it may not be the case. First you have to accept that sometimes you can't do it all, but do so without feeling defeated. Accept that some things are currently out of your reach, right now.   It can be liberating.


At the same time, you can't afford to use it an excuse. Your business needs you to be able take those things that are impossible right now and turn them into something that is feasible. So your business can't invest the time to send out a newsletter every week. Adjust the frequency.  


Take a hard look at your business and commit to a goal that is realistic for your business RIGHT NOW. Maybe it's sending out a newsletter every month or every quarter. Adjust the frequency to your business, not an industry standard, not what an expert said you should be doing, but something you are confident your business can do consistently and with quality.


And focus on doing that, just that, until you have it down.   Then repeat the cycle. Step back into the dreaming room, adjust your frequency, and take another step to the impossible.   Just don't be surprised when you look back in six months and find yourself doing the impossible. We've seen it happen time after time with our clients. We know you can do it.


Join us next week for a double vision look at how you can make this happen in your business.


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