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November 17, 2014

Communication Today 

In today's society communication is definitely changing. There are newer methods that are picking up momentum in all demographics such as texting and email. People are becoming more impatient as they expect faster responses. We're connected to constant streams of information at all times, and somehow some way your business has to keep up. Thankfully there are apps out there that can help your business. These are just a few of the ones out there:


Dictation Services - Many of you might already have Siri or similar features on your phone, but sometimes you need a service that will help get your thoughts down on paper. There are several apps and services for that; one our clients tend to love is Copy Talk.


Presentations - Tired of Power Point presentations, but still need visuals to put in front of your audience? Try Prezi.


Phone - The Google Voice app packs a lot of features including: receiving your voicemails as texts or emails, allowing you to forward calls to different phones (can be setup so certain callers reach different numbers), and even blocking certain types of calls.


Email - Want a zero inbox, but use your email as a task list? This Mailbox app helps you get control of your inbox(phone only) with features such as the ability to make an email disappear until a certain time or date so that only those emails needing your attention appear on your screen.


Tasks/Project - We're still big fans of Asana, but if you're looking for another way to manage projects and team collaboration, Moxtra is an app with a lot of features. You can organize, chat, leave voice and written messages, web conference, and more.


Texting - Want to be able to text your customers, but don't want to use your or your employees phone? Look into services such as Simple Text which allows you to send 400 text messages starting at $25 a month.  You can schedule texts for feature texts, send appointment reminders, send polls, and more with apps like this one.


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