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Five Underused Resources for Finding Your Next Great Employee

February 11, 2013

Now that you need to find your Next Great Employee where do you start?  Sure there are the usual tactics such as newspaper ads, website postings, and even word of mouth, but there are other resources out there that are under used by business owners.  Here are five resources you might consider:

  1. Job Placement Programs - There are many state and federal job placement programs that business owners can use to not only find that next great employee, but may also qualify for tax incentives.  Job placement programs will vary by state, but can include:  helping unemployed workers transition into a new career, helping people with disabilities train for a new career, helping veterans transition into the civilian workforce, helping young adults transition out of foster care, and even helping people from prison transition into the workforce.
    • Search on Google for keywords such as:  Job Placement Agencies, Job Placement Programs, & Job Placement Services.  Be sure to narrow results by adding your location.
    • Contact your local SBA and SCORE offices for local information
    • Veteran Programs such as:

  2.  Universities and Community Colleges - Most educational institutions will have an office or department dedicated to introducing employers to students, such as a Career Service Department.  Many of these departments will post jobs, help with job screenings, and hold job fairs at their school.  These are great starts, but don’t stop there, there are additional resources available through these institutions:
    • Alumni Services – many schools are now offering online job boards specifically for alumni.
    • Department Heads – especially in smaller schools it is a good idea to network with the head of the department most likely to have students that are a fit for the position you are hiring.  They will know the students more personally than the career service department and will also know of alumni that are still in the area. 
    • Internship Programs – ask about internship programs and student requirements to complete internships for their majors at the school.   You might start with the career service department, but don’t forget to ask the department head as well.

  3. Associations - Especially if you are looking for a specialized skill set, don’t forget to turn to industry or professional associations to which you already belong.  Many will have online job boards and social media pages where they connect candidates to employers.  It’s a good idea to connect with associations on social media sites as well as contact the local offices to see what assistance they can provide

  4. Social MediaDo not forget social media sites.  Linked In in particular is growing in the recruiting field, but don’t stop there.  If you have a certain skill set or type of candidate in mind then search social media sites including MeetUp for groups with similar interests.  Ex:  If you’re looking for a candidate with networking skills you might reach out to a local networking group and see if they will announce the job at their next meeting.

  5. Current Employees - Consider brainstorming additional resources for finding your next Great Employee with your current employees.  They might know people that are great candidates and can give insight of resources that they have used in the past.

Make it a point to stretch outside your normal hiring practices to find your Next Great Employee.  These five under used resources are just a starting point.  Please leave some of your favorite resources in the comments below.

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