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Focus on your top three priorities

November 13, 2018

A business owner usually has a dream or vision of what their business will look like in the future. In that vision, there are results the business sees like revenue and growth, and results the business owner sees like freedom and pride in building a successful business.
In the course of building that business vision, a business owner must examine how they are disciplined in making that vision a reality. They must identify the skills, behaviors, and work habits that will support them in successfully achieving that vision.
One of those disciplines is staying focused and having clarity on what is or is not a priority. With our many years of experience here at Benchmark Business Group in collaborating with business owners, we know they have limited amount of time and resources. Therefore, they must focus their energies on the opportunities and tasks that move their business forward instead of keeping them where they are.
The day-to-day operational activities of doing business enables the business to deliver on its promise to clients and customers. And if working well, those activities should keep the business stable and running smoothly. While these activities are essential and are the critical foundation on which to grow, they will not generate growth. Besides ongoing daily tasks the business owner and their team are accountable for, the business owner should have a list of the three priorities to grow their business; to know the strategic priorities their business needs.
These "top three" should drive what everyone in the business does on a regular basis. Every decision made and every task completed should have the priorities in mind. Of course we understand every minute of every day cannot be solely focused on the top priorities. However, there should be enough time invested in the priorities and what the business needs.
We challenge you to identify the top three priorities your business needs from you at this time. It may be difficult with all the priories fighting for your time. However, when you create a list of those items that need to be first for your business to grow, this will give you clarity on how to design your time in a more productive way. Clarity on what you need to do today to achieve the vision for your business tomorrow. 

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