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May 17, 2016

Last week, we asked you to start digging into why you think you need to hire by looking at the true problem.  This week, continue to get clarity around the problem your business has, which is capacity, by looking at the functions of your business by position.
To start, you'll want to go back to the list of functions and tasks your business needs and look at how they are divided among your staff. Here's the catch - we want you to look at it not from how it is NOW, but how it should be in order to reach your vision. Be mindful to the fact that this may or may not be the division of tasks you have currently in your business.  
As you are dividing the tasks up you want to ask:
  • What is the $ value of this task per hour? Based on the value, is it assigned to the right position?
  • Is this position the only position that can complete this task?
    • If so, why?
    • Is there anything the business can reasonably do to shift this function to someone else?
    • How efficient is your business/this position at completing this task?
    • Are there any functions this position shouldn't be doing, but has no other place to go now?
This first round of assigning functions to positions may be eye opening. Be open to new possibilities. Look at how you can shift responsibilities and/or cross-train to increase capacity. 
Your second look at the functions is to identify what is remaining. These might be functions that positions don't have time to complete or shouldn't be completing due to the value of the tasks. Or, they could be functions that positions don't have the training and/or experience to complete.  
This second look will create a list of maybes. Functions that may be done by a certain position, but that are not the best value or use of that position's experience. This is the list of functions that your business needs to get creative about solving. Could it be time to hire? Possibly. But there could be other solutions. Spend another week thinking about the problem, and join us next week as we discuss solutions.

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