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How Plugged Into AI Is Your Business?

October 19, 2023

We’ve already written an Insight about the AI software ChatGPT, but it seems like everywhere you look there’s another AI tool. ´╗┐For instance, Zoom just launched a feature that allows the AI to summarize your meetings held on its platform. And it’s a pretty solid tool for note taking. It even separates and highlights the action items that everyone in the conversation agreed to in the meeting.

For small businesses, AI can be helpful, but the first hurdle is to understand what’s out there. Most small business owners don’t have time to research and understand how AI could help them in their business. So, we’ve started a list for you. It’s not a complete list, as there are new tools and uses for AI weekly, if not daily, but our goal for sharing this is to get you thinking about the possibilities.

Are there business tasks that you can automate or make more efficient within your business?

Before jumping into AI, you should consider the following topics:

  • Will your business allow intellectual property to be entered into AI?
  • What privacy/compliance/regulations does your business need to follow with client data when it comes to AI?
  • What policies does your business need to put in place when it comes to AI?

Below are some of the categories and a few options within those categories that we think might help small business owners. We have no association with any of the software on this list, they are simply examples of what is possible.

Chatbots/Writing – Chatbots are software that is designed to mimic human conversations. These types of AI software can be used to write content for social media, your website, emails or even internal documents. They can also be used to find answers for your team. This is just the start of what they can do.

Presentations – Need client or internal presentations? AI tools have been created that can help you with creating presentations.

Videos – Need a marketing video or a training video for your team? These AI tools can help you create a video quickly. You’ll need a script (which you could create using the AI tools above), and then you’re ready to create video magic.

Prospecting/Sales – There’s no end to how AI can help with sales and prospecting. There are AI tools to find and score leads, to audit and provide feedback on sales calls, to connect and interact on social media platforms and more.

Training – We love systems, processes and training! There are AI tools that can help you create trainings within your business. These can be used to train your team or even to train customers when needed.

Our hope is that your takeaway from this article is that AI is here to stay. It’s being used in large corporations. And as a small business owner, it’s important for you to know what the possibilities are. This doesn’t mean you need to use AI today, but it may be something that someone in your business should be researching. Because in understanding the possibilities, you have the power to make informed choices.

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