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February 12, 2019

When it comes to your business are you nearsighted or farsighted?

When business owners work in their business on a day to day basis, like many small business owners do, they tend to become nearsighted.

It makes sense. Those things that are nearest to you get your energy, making it easier to focus on elements of your business that are close to you, right now. The more you work in your business, the harder it becomes to see those elements of your business that are in the distance.

Yet in business, you have to juggle those elements that are happening now and those that are in the distance. If business was a matter of nearsighted vs. farsighted you could easily go to a professional, take a test, and walk out with a pair of prescription glasses to correct your vision. A simple and effective use of your time.

The good news is there is a simple and effective solution for business owners. A solution that allows you to walk away with the ability to see both nearsighted and farsighted.

It takes:

  • 15 Minutes to complete a confidential assessment of your business
  • A free, no obligation, one-hour call with a business advisor to receive your professional advice

You won’t walk away with glasses, but you will walk away with a clearer vision of your business through a new set of lenses – The Value Builder Score.

The Value Builder Score evaluates your business within 8 Key Drivers. The 8 Key Drivers influence the value of your business for the ultimate distance of when it’s time to exit your business, but they also provide an up-close look at what makes a business more enjoyable to operate now.

To be transparent, we do offer business coaching around the Value Builder Score. And we do use the drivers with our business brokerage clients who are looking to list their business for sale. We use it, because it’s powerful. 

But this is not a sales trap. By taking your score and talking to a professional you’ll have the knowledge of what it means to be nearsighted and farsighted within your business. You’ll see your business in a way that you most likely haven’t considered before. It will make you a better business owner.

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