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Interruptions and How They Cost You!

January 9, 2018

"There isn't enough time in the day!" We hear business owners say this all the time. Followed with, "If only everyone would leave me alone, I could get some work done!" Or, "If I could shut-off my phone and email, then I could focus!"

Our response is, "You're right. If people didn't interrupt you as often, your days would be more productive." Do you know how much interruptions are costing your business now?

Interruptions result in lost time but the highest cost to your business is the lost opportunity. Imagine what you could accomplish, if you eliminated interruptions! A study by Dr. Gloria Mark, of the University of California, found that the average person is interrupted every 3 minutes.

So how do all these interruptions disrupt your day and ultimately cost your business? The time adds up fast! Even from a conservative standpoint, it can take the following time:
  • Find a stopping point - 30 seconds
  • Engage in the interruption - 2 minutes
  • Get back on track - 1 minute

Add these up and the average interruption takes 3 ½ minutes. If that happens 50 times a day, your business could lose almost 3 hours each day PER EMPLOYEE. Just imagine how much more productive your days could be if you had 3 more hours!

Although we can't give you the gift of time, we can give you the gift of simple and effective techniques to reduce interruptions and seize control of how you spend your time; which we will do in the next Business Insight on January 23. Before you solve your interruptions, it's important to understand the true cost to your business.

Our challenge to you is to become aware of the true cost of interruptions:

  • Be attentive to how much time your next few interruptions take - it may surprise you. 
  • Make a list of what you aren't accomplishing because you don't have enough time. 
  • Keep a list of why people are interrupting you. Identify if they want information, need you to make a decision, are seeking your expertise, or simply wanted to chat. 

Keep your list close by, look for our next Business Insight and be prepared to regain control of how you spend your time and get more results for your business! 

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