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Is It Time to Redesign?

January 30, 2018

Our Thoughts:
When a business isn't getting the results you need there is always a design issue.  It may not be an obvious design issue.  For many small business owners, the answer is to work harder: sell more, stay later, put out more fires, invest more cash, hire more people, etc.  It's all about giving more to your business.  Today, we encourage you to think about, "Value Realized."  At some point, your business needs to add more value to your life.  The answer cannot always be working harder.  Instead, you have to create the time to work on your business and discover the design issue that is holding your business from growth.  

If you're not 100% sure of how you need to redesign your business to achieve Value Realized we encourage you to take 15 minutes and discover the blueprint to designing a business of value.

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