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Is Your Business Ready for an Oscar Moment?

April 1, 2014

During the 2014 Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres joked about ordering pizza for the famous crowd. Shortly after a man delivering pizza was brought onto the stage and started handing out slices to the stars. After the show it was discovered that this wasn't an act, but a moment for a small business to shine. The pizza delivery came from a local franchise, Big Mama's Pizza, and according to interviews given to the Los Angeles Times, the business had no advanced knowledge that it would be delivering to the Oscars let alone on live TV.  Click here to watch a clip of this moment. 


While most businesses won't be handed a free five minute commercial during the Oscar's, it got us thinking. You never know when an opportunity to shine will come for your business.   This month we'll be taking a look at what Big Mama's got right and how you can do the same in your business!


Branding Done Right: #1 Uniform

Though they had no idea that they would be on stage, Big Mama's Pizza was ready to shine. The delivery man, in this case also the owner, was dressed in gear that supported the overall look and feel of the brand. If you look at the Big Mama Pizza uniform it included: a red hat, an apron, a Big Mama's t-shirt, and a Big Mama's hoodie that was branded on the side, front, and back (great for camera angles).  It was easy to identify who was delivering the pizza at the time and has made for some great publicity photos that Big Mama's can continue to use for years to come. So what branding lessons can your business take away from this?

  • Everyone wears the uniform. While we don't know the reason the owner was delivering pizzas that night, we do know how easy it is for business owners to get pulled into the day to day work of the business. Just imagine the press that would have been lost if he had not been wearing the uniform?
  • If you're in a business that has uniforms make sure that the uniform is weather proof. Imagine if they didn't have hoodies and the delivery person had worn their own due to the cold weather?

If your business does not wear uniforms you should still take a look at your dress code. If your Oscar moment came, how would people know what business is being represented? Even without uniforms there are ways to carry your brand through the dress code.  

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