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Is Your Plan to Fail?

October 15, 2013

Do you have a plan in place for reaching out to your potential or most likely customers or clients? If not, according to Harvey MacKay, "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail." When you desire to grow your business, becoming clear on who you intend to reach and how you intend to reach them is of the utmost importance. There is one item that is essential as you plan to grow your sales - a Hot List.


What is a hot list you ask? These are people that are familiar with you and your product or service, have expressed interest in your product or service and to your knowledge have both the means and willingness to purchase your product or service.


How do you develop your hot list? Think about who you have spoken to over the recent past that has expressed a desire for your product or service but did not purchase (yet!). Add them to your list. Then moving forward, add those that express interest in your product or service but do not buy when they first express the interest. No one said "no" and they have expressed interest in your product or service. So, why not add them to your Hot List?


Your Hot List is only as good as what you plan to do with it. A list of prospects that is never contacted is nothing more than a list of names with contact info! Stop staring at the list and begin systematically contacting them...until they buy your product or service or ask you to stop.


Doing nothing is a plan. It is a plan to fail. Today we challenge you to plan to succeed. Create your hot list and even if it's just one call that you make today - start now.



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