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Keep Calm and Provide Excellent Service!

June 26, 2018

Every business owner knows providing excellent service is important. Many businesses have standards and expectations in place for their employees when it comes to customer service. They have processes, systems, scripts, and other resources for communicating with customers in person, over the phone, through email, when texting, etc.

However, many businesses don't have processes, scripts or resources for their employees when working with angry, rude and emotional customers. Without knowing how to respond when in these unpleasant and stressful situations, employees may elevate the already heated situation with responses that are emotional and defensive without realizing it.

How can a business give their employees the confidence to stay calm and provide excellent service? A business can use specific techniques and train employees to take the H.E.A.T. and still stay calm while leaving the customer feeling heard, understood and satisfied with the outcome.

Hear the Customer
Let the customer explain their situation. When you are present and listening without judgement, you are showing the client you care and are setting the stage for a productive solution.

Empathize with them
By empathizing, you are demonstrating that you understand their issue and genuinely are concerned they had this experience. You don't have to agree with their point view, but are ensuring they feel understood.

Apologize and Assure
Without making it long, complicated, or with blame, simply apologize for the customers experience and situation. Also assure the customer you are here to help resolve their issue and to take care of it for them. When the customer feels heard, understood and justified in their experience, they will be open to exploring a solution.

Take care of it!
Agree on a solution that works for the business and the customer. Then, let the customer know you will take accountability and you are committing to seeing the solution through, even if you are not the one handling the solution. By taking responsibility for the solution, the client has confidence it will get resolved. And, don't forget to follow-up to make sure the solution doesn't get lost, mismanaged or unresolved. It doesn't help to go through this process if the customer is upset and angry all over again.

In the end, it is the business's responsibility to make sure a process to take the H.E.A.T is part of the training strategy for every employee. In doing so, the business is setting the standards and processes for its employees. It will empower employees with a skill so they are confident to stay calm and provide excellent customer service even with the most difficult customers.

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