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Leadership Insights: Nurturing the Flame of Vision, Action, and Greatness

February 26, 2024

“When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!’” – Lao-tsu

Leadership, a topic that has filled countless volumes and adorned pages with quotes that could encircle the earth, revolves around timeless themes. These themes encompass clarity of vision and purpose, the ability to motivate others to action, and the skill of drawing out the inherent greatness in individuals.

In a conversation with a retired CEO, we delved into the essence of his role. He described himself as the "Keeper of the Flame," a guardian entrusted with creating clarity around the organization's overarching goals. This involved imbuing a sense of shared purpose, transforming the vision into a Flame—a symbol larger than any individual within the organization, even the leader. Continually reminding everyone of the Flame's significance, he used it to illuminate all activities, steering the organization towards the fulfillment of the final picture.

This, indeed, is the first attribute of any leader—knowing the destination. Without a clear direction, any road will suffice. Equally critical is the ability to move others to action, translating the vision into a roadmap of objectives, strategies, action plans, and resource allocation. The Flame becomes the guiding light, distinguishing between "productive" and "non-productive" strategies, ensuring every activity contributes to the realization of the vision.

The final leadership attribute involves drawing out the greatness in others. In our business coaching company, we firmly believe that "Our clients are greater than they know themselves to be." This aligns with Michael Gerber's concept of the "game worth playing." Leadership challenges include creating a transformative environment, breaking through fears, connecting actions to desired outcomes, and shifting old paradigms. Leaders must foster a safe, encouraging space that not only welcomes transformations but makes them desirable, all while basking in the warmth of the Flame.

Consider this: How brightly is the Flame burning in your business? Has it even been lit? These questions beckon leaders to reflect on the vitality of their vision, the efficacy of their actions, and the cultivation of greatness within their teams.

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