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Letting Go of Unfinished Work

April 18, 2017

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Our thoughts: We see business owners hold on to work and stock pile projects, because putting a project to rest feels like a disappointment or even a failure. This leads to clutter, overwhelm, and can lead you to wasting time on projects/tasks that are not your true priorities. As an entrepreneur, you will always see ways to improve and innovate your business. There will always be a need to strategize solutions to maximize time and capacity. It's okay to stop a project and to clean it off your to do list without considering it a failure. We challenge you to take a look at your to do list and clean it up. Are those tasks/projects really a priority? Are you hanging on to something, because you don't want to call it quits? Free up your time and your mind for what will truly move your business forward.
Question: Is unfinished work stopping you from starting something great?

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