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Making Training Repeatable

August 28, 2018

In the Value Builder System the Hub & Spoke driver measures the dependency a business has on the owner(s). Ideally, a business is designed to be less dependent on the owner and has well-documented systems including ready-to-go training.  
In most small businesses, training becomes a bottleneck. It takes the time and expertise of owners or key employees which means it is often completed on the fly or by the watch and learn method. This leads to training that is inconsistent, ineffective, or worse, not completed. Employees are set up to fail or at the very least struggle in their positions.

The real trouble is that the expertise, knowledge, and even way of thinking is contained by the owner(s) or key employee(s). Making it difficult to consistently and effectively train employees. It requires the key person to lead the training each and every time.

Imagine a training system that works without you having to execute it each and every time. Imagine if your training was more consistent and that every employee had the same experience.

For this to be a reality in your business there are three quick ways to start creating repeatable training: 
  • Videos - Thanks to improvements in technology, videos can be a great way to train employees. Think about using screen sharing programs to create quick "how to" videos relating to your software or certain electronic documents. The use of your cell phone or a small video camera allows you to capture out of the office training once and share it with others for years to come. Talk through the training as if you were training an employee by your side. This way you have the "what to do" as well as "why it's important." 
  • Flashcards - This is a great way to document your expertise and way of thinking and provide self-study exercises. There are many ways to design flashcards. They can be as simple as product names and definitions. Or, more complex flashcards could include common sales objections, or customer questions, with 2 to 3 responses on the back of the cards. Employees can easily keep them at their desk and study on their own or with a partner. 
  • Library - Make a list of books, blogs, articles, etc. that has influenced your way of thinking and added to your expertise. Don't feel like you have to reinvent the wheel. Assign self-study to employees and have them read the same materials that have shaped your way of thinking. Use questions, quizzes, and group discussions to help apply the material to their role and test that the take away is what you expected.
The expertise, knowledge and way of thinking you, and key employees, have is vital to your business. It's what makes your business unique. It may even be part of your competitive advantage. Which is why it's so important that you have an easy and repeatable way to transfer it through training to any new employee.

Consider these three questions as you think about training in your business:
  • Can the training be conducted without the owner or key employees?
  • Is the training easily repeatable?
  • Will the training easily scale as your business grows?

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