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Money and Time

May 27, 2013

Some think that there is a clear analogy to money and time. We invest our money, we invest our time; we save our money, we save our time; we spend our money, we spend our time; we make more money, we make more.... This is where the analogy breaks down. Yes, there is something to be said about the investing, saving, and spending of both money and time, but you cannot make more time so you are left with two choices: Make it count the first time, or let time just slip away. Time is relentless and continues to tick by no matter what you do to slow it or stop it. This is why what Golda Meir once said is so important, "I must govern the clock, not be governed by it."


This past month we have focused on Time Bandits. Three common Bandits identified that will govern how we spend our time when we choose to not govern them were; e-mail, over committing, and employee interruptions. The proven system of "How to Implement Do Not Disturb Time" was made available as a tool that will help you to govern the clock rather than be governed by it. Take the system, implement it, use it, and watch your time become your own to do with as you choose.

Do not stop there. Identify other opportunities to control the clock. Use free online tools such ASANA to plan projects and tasks for you and your staff. As the business leader, the challenge laid before you is clear: Take control of all of your time, not just bits and pieces. Time truly is the one, non-renewable resource, more cannot be made, it cannot be saved and it can only be spent. Spend it wisely. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Lost time is never found again."

What actions are you taking to identify other Time Bandits and how are you leveraging your resources to eliminate them?  We'd love to hear your answer!

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