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Now's A Good Time to Focus On Your Social Media

March 24, 2020

We know that Covid-19 is all that is being talked about right now. We’ve been in touch with many business owners and our focus is keeping your attention focused on what you can control.

Small business owners do more with less every single day. They are innovators. They solve problems. They figure things out. We’re hitting pause on our newsletter to bring you a tip each week as your business deals with Covid-19.

The good news is these will be short. They will be practical. They will help you improve your business, not just in response to current events, but long term.

This Weeks Tip: It’s time to step up your social media game! Right now, people are being asked not to be out and about. They are being asked to stay at home. So, where is their attention going?

Social media is the place to be active. It’s time to get creative. It’s not the time to “just’ sell to the clients. More than ever, your clients will appreciate a break. A positive story. A fun way to interact. Yes, you can, and should, sell your products and service as appropriate, but it shouldn’t be the only focus.

  • Find a way to encourage clients or even employees to share fun posts. For instance, if you’re a dog groomer who isn’t able to take in customers, ask your clients to share their funny grooming DIY stories or even better cute pictures of dogs who need that haircut.
  • Perhaps, ask your employees to share their work at home experience and share those in a post.
  • Look for cute ways to participate in trends. For instance, some communities are doing “bear hunts” where they put stuffed animals in windows for families to see while driving or walking. Your business could always participate and share news about it. If it hasn’t hit your area yet, be the one to suggest it.
  • Find ways to help. For instance, some fabric shops are giving away patterns for people to make face masks to take to hospitals. Share these resources. Also ask, are there ways we can be helping?
  • Also, don’t forget to update your social sites and websites with changes to your business operation. Are you still open? Are you offering any other types of services? For instance, some businesses are delivering paperwork to clients that are high risk or offering curbside payments to reduce in-store traffic. Make sure that your clients can quickly find out how your business is operating.

What you CAN control when it comes to social media is limitless. This is a time to share that you care. This is a time to be creative. To get in front of people who are not already your clients. In some cases, yes, you can increase sales now. In other cases, you will be planting seeds for the future. But remember, this is an opportunity to reach more people when they are not as “busy.” Don’t miss the opportunity.

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