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Plant Your Plan

May 20, 2014

Week one of May you were challenged with the following, “So, decide what it is you want to harvest. It may be as simple as something like this: Over the next (enter time frame here) I expect to harvest (enter your goal here - number of sales, amount of revenue, new position(s) hired, another location opened, etc.).”


Week two the five steps to help you plan your harvest were introduced.  Now, after defining what it is you want to harvest and working the 5 steps to planning your harvest, let’s explore the planting stage.


The planting stage is where the proverbial “rubber meets the road.” This is where the defining and planning of your harvest meet and begin to happen in real time.


To plan the seeds necessary to harvest what you have defined and planned for, you need to put the work in that is needed.  So what is needed? Though the specifics may be different depending on the harvest desired, the basics will remain the same for every harvest.


You need to plant the correct seed in the best soil for the harvest you have defined and planned for. This is the same as making the correct offer to the best audience.


What does that mean? If you are looking to grow sales, you need to choose the correct advertisement for the demographic and psychographic you have defined you want to reach. You need to have the correct product for the market you want to sell to. The same basic thing is true no matter what you have defined and planned for your harvest.


So in ensuring you get the harvest you have defined and planned for, make sure you plant the correct seed in the best soil needed. You will also need to make sure that the equipment you are using is the correct for the type of seed you are planting. There could be small differences in equipment based on seed types. Take the time to ensure your using the right tools.


Once you have defined your harvest, planned your harvest, and planted the necessary seed in the best soil for you harvest, you will need to cultivate what has been planted so you will have the best harvest of you have ever had. We will turn over some facts about cultivating next week.

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