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Re-Inspire Your Business with the E-Myth Revisited Book

August 19, 2013

The E-Myth Revisited has a way of staying with readers long after they first picked up the book. Perhaps it's because business owners read it and immediately relate to the stories of Sarah. If you haven't read the E-Myth Revisited let us give you a biased opinion-you should! If you have read the E-Myth Revisited it is a good time to pull it out and be re-inspired. Here's a list of great topics in the book to check out.
  • Feel like you're fighting yourself to get nowhere - Turn to page 20-33 to read about the battle every business owner faces....with themselves. Many know this section and the Skinny Guy vs. the Fat Guy or as the Three Personalities: Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur.
  • A Match, a Mont, a Cup of Coffee, and a Newspaper - Read pages 188 -217 to be inspired by one of the more popular take-aways from the book. The Venetia Hotel is an embodiment of how you want your business to operate. A business that excels without the owner doing everything. A business that produces consistent customer service that not only delivers on what customers expect, but goes above and beyond. The magic is in the systems!
  • How to avoid the answer "No thanks, just looking" when greeting a customer - Turn to pages 118 -119 for a simple, but impactful way to greet your customers. Who said that systems need to be complicated to be effective?
  • Want to increase sales? Wear blue suits with red accents - Turn to page 120 to read about how innovating simple and often overlooked details in your business can have a big impact.
  • Your Business Is Not Your Life - Does your business run your life? Read pages 97 - 113 for a quick recap of how business should be! Get inspired and take action today to start taking back your life.
  • Losing Harry or Elizabeth or (insert Key Employee name here)- Yikes! It's never fun and always stressful when a key employee leaves a people-dependent company. Read pages 43-67 for ideas on how to avoid this pitfall and become systems-dependent.

These are just a few of the key stories that people relate to from the E-Myth Revisited. We encourage you to read it this month. Take some time and imagine what your company would be like if you could implement these strategies into your business. It is definitely possible; you just have to be willing to move out of your own way and out of the comfort zone that has you locked in place.


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