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August 30, 2016

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As we've discussed before, there are always things that are happening to your business. Those things that happen to your business are difficult, because even when they are good they are outside of your initial control. This month we've looked at the point of view to takehow you can preparetools to assist in problem solving, and the importance of leadership. We want to leave you with a quick reminder. There will always be things that happen to your business. You may not be able to control them, but you can always choose to control how you react to them. Having the right resources is an important step in reacting to all the things that can happen to your business. Listed below are a few resources for you to consider:
  • Google Alerts - This is a great tool that can alert you when there is activity or news around a key word or phrase. If something is happening "to" your business such as construction, regulation, or even an event in your area you can set up an alert to be notified when it is mentioned. If you can search for it on Google, you can set up an alert for it. This allows you to receive quick and sometimes vital updates. Click here for an article that explains how to set up an alert. 
  • RSS Feed Reader - Similar to Google Alerts, RSS feed readers are all about staying up to date with information. Your RSS feed combs websites that you select to find information relevant to your settings so you don't waste time looking for information. Click here for a great article on RSS feed readers and links to different options.
  • Department of Labor - If you have a question or concern about labor this is an excellent resource. You can look at the resources they provide by state to ensure that you are looking at information that applies to your business. Click here to visit the Department of Labor site.
  • Laws and Regulations - Click here for a list of federal laws and regulations that are often asked about. This site also has multiple other resources if you have questions regarding a federal law.
  • Associations - Don't forget the value that trade and local associations can bring to your business. Industry associations will be able to specifically address how events will impact your industry and are great resources to understand market or even product shifts that are happening.  

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