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April 26, 2016

This month we've focused on taking your prospects on a sales road trip. One that is clearly mapped with each step in the process identified in advance. By doing so, you and your prospects know what's coming next. The final piece is to make sure you do it consistently.
What does consistency in your sales process mean? It is guiding the prospect through each step you outlined in the beginning by making sure the prospect sees all they need to see at each step and then letting you know when they are ready for the next stop on the journey.Remember, it is your map (sales process), but it is the prospect's journey. They are in charge of when to move forward, but it's your job in the sales process to read body language, tone, and other metrics to know when a prospect is ready to move forward. If they are not ready to move forward, you need to stop and evaluate your road trip and make necessary adjustments.
With consistency in your sales process you are also freed up to focus on the prospect. Only when they are ready for the next step can you guide them forward through the process; keeping them engaged in the journey, confident where you are taking them, and comfortable letting you guide them through it.
Another benefit of a consistent sales process is that your business is able to quantify results and make informed adjustments to the process. When each prospect has the same experience, you are now able to evaluate results of your trip. You will have consistent knowledge on gas mileage, timing, traffic jams, and construction. Then, you know what detours to make, and needed changes to your GPS for the next trip. Likewise, when you are consistent in delivering your sales process, you have the intelligence to know what adjustments to make and what needs to be improved for better sales results.
Finally, when you have a well-documented sales process that is repeated and used consistently, you have a sales organization with the right focus. Not just making a transaction, but taking a journey with prospects for a better experience. And those positive experiences lead to better relationships and new clients. Clients that will buy again or buy other products and services, and clients who invite friends and family to go on your next road trip.
We hope you enjoyed your road trip this month. With this experience, we challenge you to think differently about how you transition a prospect into a client. Keep focusing on your sales process and the objective of each step. Then, be consistent. The results will happen. You may even reach your year's sales goals and destination earlier than your beginning ETA.

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