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Sales Road Trip

April 5, 2016

Guiding the Way for your Prospects to Buy

We want you to think about sales this month. Yes, we understand the year is almost half over and we know your sales goals for 2016 were set months ago. But, do you know how it will happen? How will you increase production if needed? How do you get back on track? Or, maintain current momentum? Ultimately how will you meet your year-end goals?

We want you to step back and think about reaching your sales goals differently. We want you to think about sales as a road trip you take prospects on to a destination. We want to challenge you to think about the journey you take with your prospects, and not just the transaction you want them to complete. We see it over and over with our clients; when they focus on the journey, their results outperform their goals.

In the next weeks we will explore three areas in sales to help you see it as a journey and not a transaction. We will concentrate on this road trip in three areas:


1.  the appointment objective
‚Äč2.  the defined process
3.  consistency in your sales process


We invite you to take this trip with us and enjoy the ride. We want you to see sales in a different perspective - as a journey. At the end of the month, hopefully, you will become a tour guide for prospects, guiding them to the final destination - a sale.

To start, we challenge you to meet with staff, co-workers, or colleagues and have them tell you their perspective of your sales process. Have them tell you the road trip you take with prospects. Don't be tempted to interrupt, correct, or jump in. Listen intently as they explain the journey to their best ability. You will probably be surprised at what you hear.

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