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Share Your Vision For Your Business

June 8, 2021

Where does your vision live? We find that many business owners keep their vision in their head. They share pieces of it with their team and even customers, but rarely is it clearly and concisely shared.

The problem with this is that your team is building the business with you. What they do, day in and day out, determines how well your vision is built. If they don’t know the picture in your head, it will be extremely difficult for them to help build that specific vision.

They may know you well enough to get close to your vision, but you’re basically asking them to put together a puzzle without being able to see the final result. Even worse, they may not have all the pieces, but they won’t ever know, because they can’t see your vision. This forces your team to guess and to read your mind. It rarely gets close enough to your true vision.

Take the time to document your vision and then make sure you share it with your team. Your vision should be 1-3 years in the future. Start with one year if you are unsure and then add to it as you gain more confidence. Every year you should update the vision until eventually your business has a rolling 3-year vision that never gets outdated.

Sharing your vision can be done in many ways including:

  • Share at an all-team meeting.
  • Hold quarterly meetings to set goals and evaluate progress to the vision.
  • If you have a company newsletter that goes to employees share updates or quotes from the vision.
  • Display the vision, or pieces of it, in places your employees will see.
  • Take quotes from your vision and display them in emails, meetings, etc.
  • Talk about your vision.
    • When decisions need to be made ask, “How will this impact our vision?”
    • When celebrating milestones mention how it fits in with the vision.

Once your vision is clearly and concisely documented it becomes easier to get your team on board. It’s easier to discuss because everyone is on the same page. And when everyone is working together to build the same vision your business will thrive.

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