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Shift Your Perspective for Business Success

March 12, 2024

Albert Einstein once remarked, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." This sentiment encapsulates the essence of success, emphasizing the critical role of one's perspective. In the realm of business, sports, family, and beyond, your success is profoundly influenced by your attitude and point of view. 

The core point of view that Michael Gerber created with his best-selling books has transformed thousands of businesses worldwide. It’s a powerful framework of thinking that transforms small businesses into powerhouses. Here are the five core principles that Michael established and redefine the path to business success.

Principle of Life:

Life is the ultimate business venture, offering the promise of more—more money, freedom, enjoyment, time with loved ones, and control over destiny. Yet, many find themselves trapped in businesses consuming rather than enriching their life. The pivotal question: Is your business enhancing or diminishing your life?

Law of Objectivization:

As a business owner, your role extends beyond being the chief doer; it evolves into creating a business that operates seamlessly, producing and selling flawlessly, even in your absence. Achieving this necessitates viewing your business from an outsider's perspective. When did you last step outside and perceive your business through your customer's eyes?

Working On It, Not In It:

Transcending the routine tasks of working in the business, success lies in dedicating time to work strategically on your business. Shaping a business that aligns with your vision demands a shift from tactical to strategic thinking. When did you last engage in the strategic endeavor of working on your business?


Building on the first three principles, realizing your vision demands effective tools for consistency, predictability, scalability, and leverage—enter "systems." These dynamic frameworks, from scripts and checklists to decor and dress codes, communicate a clear message about your business. Do you have documented systems for every critical function, or is crucial information confined to individuals' minds?

Business Development Cycle:

Innovation, Quantification, and Orchestration, is the cycle that ensures the adaptability and sustainability of your business. Systems, dynamic and subject to review, should be quantified for impact and orchestrated to guarantee consistent use. Do you have functional systems for innovation, quantification, and orchestration consistently applied in your business?

If your business lacks a clear vision, drains rather than enriches life, holds critical knowledge in transient minds, depends heavily on your constant presence, or feels stagnant, perhaps it's time to change your point of view. If you’re ready to build a business of value the key lies in embracing a perspective shift.


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