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Small Business Week Spotlight: Creme Cupcake & Dessert, Des Moines, IA

May 4, 2016

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Each day during Small Business Week we are featuring some of our favorite small businesses. Check back each day to see who is featured!

Business Name: Creme Cupcake & Dessert
Location: Des Moines, IA

Why Do You Shop Here?  I had heard of the business from watching Cupcake Wars but I first went to Crème because my step daughter works there. Once I tried the cupcakes I was hooked. They have just the right amount of frosting so it doesn’t overpower the wonderful flavor of the cupcake and many of the cupcakes have filling which is an added surprise. It is such a fun and inviting atmosphere. The story of how the business started and the successes of the owner are proof that you can follow your dreams and have great success!
What Stands out About Your Experience?  The staff is amazing – they are welcoming and always willing to offer suggestions as to their favorite flavor (at the moment). Their advice has gotten me to try something different and find that they were 100% correct – the cupcake was amazing.

Favorite Product/Service:  My favorite flavor has to be the lemon cupcake – it has lemon curd filling, wonderfully light frosting, and a sugared blueberry on top. I can’t wait to go again and enjoy the dessert bar where they pair a drink with their wonderful desserts! 

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