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Small Business Week Spotlight: Paper Moon, McGregor, Iowa

May 5, 2016

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Each day during Small Business Week we are featuring some of our favorite small businesses. Check back each day to see who is featured!

Business Name: Paper Moon
Location:  McGregor, IA

Why Do You Shop Here?  They provide a very unique shopping experience. They have a large inventory with lots to choose from, but they crafted an experience so that it was easy to find the perfect gift.
What Stands out About Your Experience?  The customer service is above and beyond. The staff seems to enjoy the items they carry as much as we did. They take the time to notice what you are looking at, ask questions to better understand your needs, and then are able to point you to great gifts that you might have missed otherwise. You don’t get the impression that they are “selling” you, but instead they are so excited by the items they carry they just have to share. That made the trip for me.

Favorite Product/Service:  Impossible to pick just one, but I really enjoyed the small selection of old vinyl and the unique birthday cards.

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