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March 22, 2016

This month we've discussed the point of view a business needs to have regarding technology and the importance of working with your IT providers. Once you've created the right mindset, it's important for your business to have basic knowledge. Again, you don't have to be an expert, but you have to be knowledgeable enough to ask the tough questions. So where do you get the knowledge? Thankfully there are many resources to learn about your technology needs. Here are a few of our favorites:
  • Udemy:  This platform offers a wide range of virtual courses on many topics in technology. Our recommendation is to create an account and sign up for their newsletter. There are many times when they send emails and run promotions offering classes at a discount, making them very affordable. 
  • Lynda:  This is a subscription program that offers many different topics. If you're looking to learn about one topic the price point might be too high, but if you have multiple topics this might be a go-to resource.
  • YouTube:  YouTube is free and has a wealth of information. The downside of being free is that the quality, and sometimes the expertise, can be questionable. That said, you can still find amazing resources. Look for videos with good ratings and feedback. 
  • Community Colleges:  Check for classes offered by your local community college on technology subjects. These can be a great way to learn the basics.
  • Interns:  Check with local universities to see about interns. If you are looking at adopting a new technology solution such as a CRM you might ask for an intern who can help you put together business requirements and help you communicate with your vendors to understand the scope of the problem. You might also find a student that is willing to offer one-on-one instruction in certain areas such as Excel, CRMs, or Social Media. 
  • Stores:  Often times stores like Best Buy or even Apple have great resources for those wanting to learn the basics of the equipment they are purchasing. Apple especially has great resources to help business owners in adopting technology in their business.
  • Employees:  Be sure to tap into your employees' skill sets. Many people use technology outside of work for organizations they belong to or even for fun. Be sure to know what skill sets your employees may have and look for ways for them to share and teach others as needed.

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