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The Busy Trap Within Your Business

December 5, 2017

When You Say "It's Busy" or "I'm Busy" Often
It seems like our society, now more than ever, uses phrases such as, "I've been busy" or "It's been busy" as a badge of honor. It has quickly become the standard answer for, "How are things going" or "How's your business been?"
In some ways, busy is good. No one wants business to be slow. Most business owners would prefer busy over slow any day of the week. And, most of the time, "busy" is a truthful answer. There are so many directions to be pulled in both personally and professionally. In a small business, owners and employees wear many different hats. "Busy" is often an understatement, especially in December when you have both personal holiday commitments and end-of-the-year business commitments.

However, "Busy" can be a trap. We can be so busy that:
  • We stop doing the things we know work
  • We fumble excellent customer care
  • We put off generating or following up with leads
  • We avoid planning for the future
  • We get distracted from our goals
  • (this list could continue, but you get the point)

So, we ask that you pause today and think about "Busy." It's easy to be busy. We are all busy and, truthfully, that probably won't change. The true question to ask is, "Are you busy doing the right work?" The work that will help you reach your goals and increase the value of your business? If not, then it's time to change "Busy" to "Productive."


It's okay to be busy, IF you feel like you're still in control of your time and goals. If you're busy and struggling with your time and goals, then "busy" may have become a trap within your business. 

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