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There's an app for that: Maximizing Time

November 3, 2014

There's an App for that! Join us throughout November as we look at apps (desktop and mobile) that small businesses owners should definitely know about.


Most business owners, and employees, have harsh feelings about tracking their time. There are a few who actually like it, though we have found when coaching our clients, most groan! We hear all sorts of excuses with one of the main ones being, "It takes me more time to track this then it does to do the work". And yet, as business coaches, we continue to assign this to clients, not because of some sick sense of humor, but because we know the value of tracking your time, IF done right.


That's a big IF. It goes without saying that tracking your time isn't  always as easy as it would seem. There are times you forget or get interrupted during an activity. There are times you step away from your desk and the paper log just doesn't work that well. It can seem like tracking and analyzing the time reports is eating up a big chunk of your day. Time tracking takes commitment and dedication but results in a huge payoff: knowing where your time is going and how it's being spent.


Having those answers is the first step in eliminating chaos from your day to day routine.   Many clients notice a positive change in the way they use their time within the first few days of tracking and analyzing. The hyper-awareness of time often causes you to make more informed and less impulsive decisions regarding your most valuable resource - Time.  Time tracking is also the first step in defining how you should be using your time and creating a realistic ideal schedule which provides the blueprint to ultimately maximize your time.


The good news is there are apps for time tracking available on multiple platforms that easily allow you and your employees to get a better handle on where time is being spent in your business. You can always use the paper logs, but if they are too time consuming or not practical for being on the go, we challenge you to find the right app for your business. The rewards can be immeasurable.


In our research, time tracking apps seem to differ depending on your setup (Android vs iPhone, etc.). We've listed a few below, but make sure you search (Google, iTunes, or the Play Store) for the best options for you.

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