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Tracking Expenses without Frustration

November 10, 2014

'Tis the Season!

As a business owner, you have not just the holidays looming, but the oh so fun tax season. There's a lot to prepare if you're not already organized: expenses, donations, profit and loss statements, etc.. We've complied a short list of apps that are designed not just for taxes (though you'll be wishing you've used them all year), but for accounting in general. Remember, if these apps are not right for you take some time to search the Play store or Itunes for the right app.


  • Expensify - This cost efficient app packs a big value, allowing you to take pictures of receipts, use GPS to track mileage, create invoices, and even reimburse employees for expenses through the app. Offers a free trial and starts at $5 a month per active user.
  • iDontatedIt - Easily keep track of your non cash donations, both Android and Apple devices.
  • Shoeboxed - Free app to help with expense tracking, mileage tracking, and more. Integrates with many other platforms.
  • Freshbooks - take care of your accounting in the cloud with this app that does time tracking, expenses, invoicing, and plenty of reports.   There is a free trial and pricing starts at $19.95 a month.

Also remember, that if you haven't already begun talking with your accountant, this is a great time to start talking about your taxes. Don't forget to ask about the expense of any apps you purchase to help your business grow, including the ones above.


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