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Tried and True Methods to Generate Leads

July 8, 2014

Last week we focused on lead generation ideas using technology. This week we want to take you back. Back to the ideas that were just so good you stopped using them!   These tend to be ideas you used when you first started but got so busy (because they produced sales) that you just stopped using them. The challenge this week is to read them without the assumptions and prejudices that you've built up over time. It will be easy to read the list and say, "been there, done that." We challenge you to take the list to your staff and ask, "How could this work for us?"

  • Press Releases - What's going on in your business? Chances are there are many great things happening but the community, your clients, and prospective clients won't know unless you find a way to tell them.   For double points, research ways you can use technology in lead generation to broadcast your message.
  • Introductions - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to introduce yourself to someone new every day for 30 days.
  • Lunch/Coffee - We all have to eat. You've probably heard this time and time again, but instead of eating at your desk make it a habit to meet a client, a prospect, or even a vendor at least once a week for lunch or a quick cup of Joe.  Need help getting started? Try reading Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. 
  • Asking for Referrals - Yes, this one again! Want to know why this lead generation tactic makes just about every list you read? Easy. It works. If you do it!
  • Door to Door - Remember this old trick when you went door to door to meet new people? There are a lot less people doing this today, but guess what? It still works! Do you know your neighbors? If not start there.
  • Cold Calling - It has a bad reputation, but here's what we know...If you pick up the phone and dial enough numbers you will get leads.   It's a numbers game and only through repetition will you know what the numbers are for your business.
  • Friends and Family - Your natural market grows with time and it's easy to assume that everyone knows exactly what it is you do, but knowing what you do and understanding how you can help them are two different perspectives.   Make a list of your natural market and the last time you spoke to them about exactly what it is that you can do for them. If you can't remember, chances are neither can they!
  • Newsletters and or Direct Mail - We discussed e-newsletters last week in our technology in lead generation article, but it might be worth the time and effort to send out "snail" mail.
  • Billboards - Electronic or traditional billboards are a great way to get your message out. People read them. In fact, the billboard industry has the best advertising campaign for this. You may have seen a variation of it. The signs will ask, "Do billboards work?" And the answer is, "This one just did. Advertise your business today".
  • Giveaways/Contests - Get people excited! People love to participate in giveaways and contests. The trick is to make it something they "want" and tie it back to your business. You don't want to give something away just to give it away. Don't forget to work with your network to find the best deals for a giveaway or a contest. This might be a great place to cross promote with another business.
  • Coupons - "Extreme" couponing has been a trend in the past few years, proving that, yes, people are still attracted to coupons. They're a good way to get people in the door to "try" something for the first time. You want to make sure the coupon doesn't distract from your brand, but instead is a lure to get new people inside your business.
  • Chamber of Commerce - It's not enough to be a member, your business needs to be an ACTIVE member of the chamber of commerce. Figure out what committees and volunteer spots they have open and that you or your staff could join. Track their calendar of events and add it to your sales meeting agenda. The benefit you get out of the chamber is often a direct reflection of the effort you put into being a member.
  • Being Active in Community - Being seen in your community matters. In fact, it matters so much we're dedicating all of week 5 to the topic. Tune in July 29th for our suggestions on how your business can get involved and generate leads.
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