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Use Systems To Gain Better Control Of Your Business

June 23, 2020

This week, we challenge you to stop and ask yourself, “Are you satisfied that all areas of your business are getting the attention they deserve? Do you feel in control of where you spend your time in your business?

Most leaders struggle with being pulled in many directions. Your to-do list can often seem unrealistic even before today’s emergencies occur. This forces you to pick and choose what gets your attention. And those tasks that do win your attention, may not be the ones that help your business grow or improve.

Take two minutes and imagine... what would be different in your business if you had the ability to choose where to focus your attention? What would you do with your time if you didn’t have to deal with emergencies? What areas of your business would you grow and improve if you could take certain tasks off your plate?

To choose where you focus your time you first need to prevent yourself from being dragged into day-to-day problem solving. And you definitely need to stop solving the same problems over and over! In too many small businesses problems are “solved” with Band-Aids. The problem is solved for now and then the business is on to the next issue. However, unless the root problem is solved, it will happen again. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon. It becomes a pattern of solving the same, or remarkably similar, problems.

And chances are, your business is spending entirely too much time solving the same problem over and over again. It’s exhausting. It takes too much time and energy. And it prevents you from putting your attention on growth and improvement.

The answer? Change the way your business handles problems. Instead of solving the problem by slapping on a Band-Aid, put the focus on implementing systems and processes.

Imagine if…

  • Your team knew how to handle problems without involving you.
  • Your team could handle those problems, and you knew without a doubt, they handled it the way you would.
  • Your team could handle those problems and identify the underlying reasons they became problems.
  • Your team could put systems in place to prevent recurring problems.
  • Your employees had systems that provided the road map to their success in your business.

Imagine how your business would thrive if you’re free from spending your time and energy on fires and emergencies.

It’s all possible. We’re not saying that systems will magically cure all problems. However, implementing systems and changing your business culture to solutions-based thinking has been quantifiably proven to change results. We’ve seen it in businesses in all industries, all sizes, and all locations.

The simple truth is that systems will change your business for the better. Systems will free you up to focus on the strategic work of growing your business. So, where do you start? How do you find time? And exactly what systems do you need? That’s where we excel. Get Your Systems Team Started.

Tip: The quick answer of where to start is to identify the issues that cause your business to steal your time. Free yourself up first!

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