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Use Turn-Key Training To Make Your Business Scalable

October 13, 2020

When business owners start to discuss growing their business, it’s often a conversation about sales and marketing. Which means it becomes about lead generation.

´╗┐However, there’s a previous conversation that many business owners need to have before they start to focus on growth and lead generation. That conversation is one of scalability.

If a business isn’t scalable, generating more leads can be a disaster. On the sales side, too many leads can cause opportunities to be dropped.

Sometimes this means not getting back to interested prospects, but it can also mean rushing through a prospecting conversation and not having time to fully uncover needs. You can lose sales, but also create a negative impression and bad reputation.

On the service side, the systems you use right now may not work as smoothly if stretched to handle more leads. Quality control is often one of the first elements that starts to slip. Then a business must deal with unhappy clients and worry about your brand’s reputation.

Both sales and service issues can easily eat into your profitability causing your business to grow in revenue, but not in profit.

This week we’re challenging all businesses to consider their scalability. What would happen if your business tripled sales tomorrow? Could your sales team keep up? Could your service team deliver on all the new promises made to clients? Where would your business struggle?

For many businesses it comes down to the ability to easily increase capacity by hiring and training new employees. And for many businesses, training programs are hit and run. They consist of a new employee having to sink or swim, because there’s not enough time to slow down and train. Or there’s so much to learn it’s impossible for someone new to learn it quickly. Or, at least, those are the myths that many small businesses tell themselves.

What we know is that training can be turn-key! It doesn’t have to take months to get a new employee up and running on their own. There are better ways to train than the “watch what I do and repeat it” method. Training programs can, and should be, scalable.

What’s lacking in most training programs are systems. There should be systems for the trainer to have a roadmap of what training needs to happen and when. And systems for the trainee to learn the step-by-step process of the core function of their position.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be! With today’s technology it’s easier than ever to take the information that your business already has and put it into a turn-key training program. A program that can help a brand-new employee master their position quicker, and with fewer mistakes!

In creating a turn-key training program you not only ease the common frustration with training, but you create a business that is scalable. One that can grow beyond its current capacity.

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